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The No BSness podcast delves into the unfiltered realities of entrepreneurship, offering candid conversations and valuable insights from successful business owners. Explore the raw and uncut stories behind building thriving enterprises, navigating challenges, and embracing the journey of self-discovery and business growth.

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Friday Jun 07, 2024

Join Ebraheem Al Samadi, Kunwal Safdar, and Mahmoud Bartawi as they share their insights on the Food and Beverage industry in the UAE in the 4th Episode of the NoBSness Podcast hosted by Founder and Managing Director of LPS Brands,Aasim Shaik.
Discover the importance of human connection in business, the balance between personal touch and automation, and the impact of cultural influences on culinary creations. Gain valuable perspectives on customer-centric approaches, competition, and the essence of simplicity in business ethos.
#F&B #UAE #Entrepreneurship #NoBSness #Food #Dubai #FoodBusiness

Tuesday May 07, 2024

n the dynamic 3rd Episode of the noBsness Podcast, hosted by Aasim Shaik, branding experts Matthias Mende, Ahmad Haffar, and Ahmed Zakaria delve into the evolving world of branding, Web3 platforms, AI and the future of organizations.
From discussing the challenges of Web3 adoption to the significance of sonic branding and AI in enterprise organizations, this engaging conversation offers valuable insights into the trends shaping the industry. Join these visionary guests as they share their expertise and passion for innovation in branding. #BrandingEvolution #Web3Innovation #SonicBranding #AIEnterprise #noBsnessPodcast

Monday Apr 15, 2024

In the dynamic 2nd Episode of the No BSness Podcast, hosted by Aasim Shaik, we have industry trailblazers Uptin, Richard Fitzgerald, and Dhruv Maniar who take center stage to unravel the complexities of content creation in today's digital realm.
From dissecting the significance of real-time feedback and data to exploring the delicate balance between curated perfection and authentic imperfection in content, these seasoned experts offer a masterclass in navigating the ever-changing landscape of new age media.
#entrepreneurship #NoBSnessPodcast #ContentCreation #DigitalInnovation #Media #newmedia

Monday Apr 01, 2024

In the inaugural episode of the No BSness podcast, hosted by Aasim Shaik, entrepreneurs Ahmed Ben Chaibah and Omar Al Ashi share their remarkable journeys in the world of business.
Ahmed, known as the Aquaman of Dubai, recounts his experience in creating the world's largest inflatable water park, while Omar discusses disrupting the car rental industry with Urent.
The conversation delves into the challenges and triumphs of pursuing innovative business ideas, emphasizing the importance of intention, customer satisfaction, and self-love in entrepreneurial success.
From dealing with unexpected setbacks to maintaining composure in the face of adversity, these entrepreneurs offer raw and uncut insights into the realities of building and scaling successful enterprises.
Join us as we uncover the unvarnished truths of entrepreneurship and celebrate the resilience and determination of these visionary business leaders.

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